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Facebook Marketing (Page Creation and Optimization)

Facebook page creation is the first step when it comes to facebook marketing. You need to have perfectly optimized facebook page for building your online presence on facebook or creating ads. In this course, you’ll learn advance techniques for facebook page creation and optimization.

Facebook Marketing (Advance Page Management Techniques)

After creating Facebook page, the next thing is to create content and reach to your target audience. In this course, you’ll also learn about Facebook group management and event creation etc. This will build your skills for managing your own or your client’s Facebook.

Canva Advance Mastery

Image creation is the first step for every digital marketing activity these days. If you want to learn the advance image designing without learning photoshop or illustrator, canva is the best place to learn. In this course, you’ll learn advance image or video creation with canva.

CV Writing

CV Writing is the most demanding skill these days but most of people don’t know how to perfectly write their cv and different formats for CVs. In this course, you’ll learn the advance tips and tricks for creating perfecting optimized and keyword rich CV.

Online Earning with Fiverr

More and more people are thinking to start their career online by providing skills that they have. But most of people don’t know how to do that, how to create profile and reach to clients. In this course, you’ll learn how you can earn online through Fiverr.

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Old Courses

Facebook Ads Course (English)

This is an old course but still useful for learning concepts for facebook ads. I had created this course with live projects and discussed different topics in this course. Let me admit, my English was also not good at that time, but I’ve lot of satisfied customers for this course.

Facebook Ads Course (Urdu/Hindi)

As discussed above, my English was not good at that time, so I’ve also created one parallel course of Facebook ads at same time. Same like above, in this course I’ve discussed advanced things in this course while working on different accounts.

LinkedIn Ads and Lead Generation (English)

Linkedin is the most professional and serious platform if we compare the audience. When I’ve created this course, none of other course that was discussing things in advance was available. In this course, you’ll learn advance linkedIn ads and lead generation.

Online Earning with PeoplePerHour

Most people start their online career on fiverr or upwork. But peopleperhour is also one the best platform for online earning. In this course, you’ll learn advanced things related to peopleperhour and how you can get your clients on this platform.

New Courses (Coming Soon)

Facebook Ads Course (English)

Linkedin Ads & Lead Generation (English)

Canva Advanced Mastery

Online Earning (Freelancing)