I was clear on what I wanted to achieve in my training session and Faisal was fantastic in teaching me. He really knew what he was doing so he was able to answer all of my questions. I not only would hire him again, which is the highest praise I can give a service provider, I am hiring him again next week. Thank you Faisal!


Owner Clarity

Tracy Aboagyewa Malone

CEO & FOUNDER "The Million Dollar Money Coach"

Elyssa Lassiter

Founder & CEO "The Saylife Coach"

I have worked with over 100 seller/consultants on platforms like Fiverr, upwork, freelance, etc; and faisal is one of the BEST sellers out there. Definitely Top 3. He is extremely knowledgeable in Facebook Ads campaigns, audience selection, creative analysis and improving conversion rates (ROI). I highly recommend this gentleman to anyone looking for a FB ads manager/advisor.

Joel Lorenz

CEO Quantum AI Strategy

Faisal provided a first class service, fast and efficient. So much so, that we will be working with him on a full time basis, his work is first class.

Joe Davis

CEO Recruitment Agency Revolution

Atma Degeyndt

CMO Startup Ecology

Peter Phillips

CEO Replenhair

Faisal is a great, talented, hard worker person. I can clearly say that he is the best at advertising on any platform. Don't hesitate to work with him.

Kaan Tokay

Co-Founder Socialize Ads

I really enjoyed working with you previously, your work ethic is solid and good people are hard to find - I'd like to have a reason to work with you again.

Charles Montgomery

Founder and CEO NorthWest eSource